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Fish Stock Survey of Glenade Lough, September 2022

Glenade Lough is situated at the top of the Bonet catchment in county Leitrim, in a valley between the Arroo and Benbulben Mountain ranges, approximately 9km north-west of Manorhamilton (Plate 1.1, Figure 1.1). The lake has a surface area of 73.3ha, a mean depth <4m and a maximum depth of 11.5m. It is categorised as […]

Glenade Lough 2010

WFD fish stock survey on Glenade Lough, September 2010

Glenade Lough 2013

Water Framework Directive fish stock survey, 2013

Glenade Lough, 2016

Inland Fisheries Ireland fish stock survey, 2016