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Corrib Catchment 2020

Factsheet: 2020/2

A total of fifty-two sites were surveyed to assess the status of their fish stocks in the Corrib Catchment from the 22nd of July to the 16th of September 2020. This work complements the survey carried out during 2019 (109 sites surveyed in the Carra, Mask and Clare catchments – O’ Briain, 2020a and b). These surveys provide a comprehensive overview of fish status across the Corrib catchment.

Electro-fishing was the method used (CEN 2003), specifically the 10-minute timed electro-fishing (TEF) technique. All fish count results were converted to Area Delineated Electro Fishing (ADEF) according to Matson et al. (2018).

This report summarises the results of the fish stock survey in selected sub-catchments of the Lough Corrib Catchment in 2020. Fish ecological status is also reported for each site for Water Framework Directive purposes.

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