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Fish Stock Survey of Lough Rea, August 2022

Lough Rea is situated in the Kilcolgan catchment in Co. Galway (Plate 1.1, Figure 1.1). It is an abstraction lake, providing water to the nearby town of Loughrea (County Galway Guide, 2010). The lake is situated at an altitude of 85m a.s.l., has a surface area of 301ha, a mean depth of 3.9m, a maximum […]

Rea, Lough 2010

WFD fish stock survey on Lough Rea, July 2010

Rea, Lough 2013

Water Framework Directive fish stock survey, 2013

Rea, Lough 2016

Inland Fisheries Ireland fish stock survey, 2016