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Fish Stock Survey of Urlaur Lough, August 2021

The lake is an important angling and recreational amenity. It was previously stocked with bream in 1961 but these fish failed to establish a population at that time. The lake was historically known to contain a moderate stock of pike, perch and eels.

Urlaur Lough was previously surveyed in 2010 and 2013 as part of the WFD surveillance monitoring programme. During these surveys perch and roach were found to be the dominant species present in the lake. Pike, roach x bream hybrids, eels and nine-spined stickleback were also captured.

This report summarises the results of the 2021 fish stock survey carried out on the lake using Inland Fisheries Ireland’s fish in lakes monitoring protocol. The methodology is WFD compliant and enables determination of ecological status based upon fish communities. It also provides insight into current fish stock status in assessed lakes, facilitating comparison within and between lakes.

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